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Renovating No 27

I first saw No 27 on ‘Rightmove’. It was love at first sight which meant that when I came down from Bristol to view it, my mind was already made up and I turned a lover's blind eye to the many things that needed attention. It was only after the purchase was completed and I'd moved in, that I met a whole string of sensible, local people who had also viewed the house and turned it down for good reason. Fortunately for me the surveyor had simply said "Location, location, location! You can't go wrong with this property!"

When the process of restoration began it soon became clear that the entire rear wall was wobbly and needed to come down, the chimney was about to fall into the street and every staircase and nearly every floorboard pronounced rotten!  However despite all the unexpected difficulties, and with the support of a team of experienced builders, it was thrilling to see the house open up and become strong and sound again. Suddenly there was light and space where there had been none, and on the ground floor beautiful 200 year old flagstones came to light from under layers of carpet, linoleum and tiles.

Now, four years on, I have a house that combines all the fascination of past history and the pleasure of modern design and materials. The old and new complement each other and I am very proud of the result.